the spirit of competition


Quad Life is about celebrating every aspect of competition, from enduring the sport to embracing the event from the sidelines.

It is represented by the blood, sweat, tears, and smiles that go into and come out of any competition. To claim Quad Life, is to acknowledge that ambition, commitment, sacrifice, and passion are its cornerstones. In less words, Quad Life is understanding what it takes.


We are the moms that chauffeur to and from practice
We are the dads that tell us to try again
We are the brothers that challenge us to be faster
We are the sisters that inspire us to be stronger
We are the friends screaming from the sidelines
We are the volunteers that arrive before the competitors
We are the race creators and the score keepers
We are the patcher-uppers and the hydrationalists
We are the cleverest sign-writers and the loudest horn blowers
We are the coaches watching every move
We are the teammates that push us to keep up
and we are the athletes that dare to be more

We are #TeamQuadLife.